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Predict Battery and Engine Issues

Know when your batteries and electrical problems will prevent your trucks from moving.

Predict DPF Issues

Predict Aftertreatment problems before they interrupt your operations.

See the Bigger Picture

See how your truck’s rank.

Your truck becomes part of a self-learning maintenance network.

The problem with best practices

Preventative maintenance is considered best practice in todays industry. It leaves an estimated 20 trucks broken down every 60 seconds in the USA.

Stop Diagnosing and Start Predicting

Connect Preteckt into any truck. Preteckt is a networked service that logs your truck's sensors every second it is on the road. We alert you to anomalies that indicate early signs of failure weeks or even months in advance.

Preteckt is self-learning

Trucks on our network learn from each other. We recognize the symptoms that indicate when failures are going to occur over the entire network.

Early detection and your bottom line

Preteckt Predicts:

  •  AfterTreatment Issues
  •  Battery Problems
  •  Sensor Faults
  •  Avoid over $400 in losses every year

Operate a Smarter Fleet

Our most competitive pricing plan tailored for all fleet levels. No contract. Pay by the month. Opt out any time.

Subscription Plan:  Limited Time Offer $12.50/month

+ Hardware cost
  • Free software upgrades
  • 1 year pricelock
  • Cancel anytime
  • 1 year limited warranty
  • Contact a fleet technology professional for more details.

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