Big Data for Big Rigs

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Avoid Downtime

Preteckt installs under 30 minutes and prevents on the road failures. Make money by keeping your trucks on the road. Save money by eliminating unplanned failures. Reap the rewards on your bottom line.

Stop Emissions Failures

Other than tires, emissions is likely the most common reason that your truck is sidelined. Preteckt helps you get ahead of those emission related stoppages.


We can't give you a magic wand, but predictive data measured in real-time, all the time across your entire fleet including battery life detection with real time voltage faults indicators is the next best thing.

Go Further

Every fleet wants to save money on fuel. Preteckt tells you what’s impacting the fuel efficiency of your truck.

Smarter Oil Changes

Understand how oil life impacts the efficiency of your truck. Preteckt gives you the data to stay ahead of problems.

Condition Based Monitoring

Use run-time data from your trucks to guide your maintenance team to areas that need to be addressed during PM events.

You can also understand how the truck is performing on the road at any given moment.

Our team People behind Preteckt

Image of Peter Bassa

Peter Bassa

CEO, Co-Founder

Image of Sasha

Sasha Kucharczyk

COO, Co-Founder

Image of Ken

Ken Sills

CTO, Co-Founder

Image of Rory

Rory Woods

Lead Data Scientist