Software that transforms your fleet operation 

Prevent vehicle breakdowns and progressive damage.  Leverage raw sensor data to increase uptime and decrease maintenance complexity saving over $2700 annually per vehicle.
Reduce Maintenance Costs

It is a lot cheaper to fix a problem early before progressive damage occurs.  Unexpected breakdowns also have other costs like towing and rental charges.  By acting on Preteckt’s predictions, unexpected breakdowns and their associated costs can be avoided.   


Extend Life of Vehicles

Preteckt incorporates every vehicle’s unique operating conditions to predict when maintenance should be scheduled.  Performing the right maintenance strategy at the right time can extend the life of your vehicles.  A well-maintained vehicle also has a higher resale value.


Protect Reputation/Brand
Improve Technician Productivity

Unplanned downtime can lead to missed deliveries or poor commuter experiences.  With Preteckt’s predictions, unplanned downtime can be prevented by scheduling maintenance days/weeks before a breakdown happens. 


Preteckt’s platform includes high-quality diagnostics data and real-time guidance on how to fix issues.  This guidance, provided by Preteckt’s expert technicians with industry-recognized certifications, can help your technicians troubleshoot and fix problems faster.    


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