Software that Predicts and Prescribes Maintenance

Evolve beyond fault code monitoring with software that analyzes raw sensor data in real-time, using advanced machine learning algorithms to identify issues early and get the right repair done faster. 
Improve Technician Efficiency

Don’t waste time on lengthy troubleshooting steps. Preteckt’s root cause and condition-based repair plan provide a good starting point for diagnostics.  This helps save time during the diagnostic process.

Improve Employee Experience

Being more proactive about catching issues before they occur and maximizing technician efficiency helps reduce stress and increase engagement in your maintenance shop.  Your drivers also benefit from fewer breakdowns on the road.  


Reduce Maintenance Costs

It is a lot cheaper to fix a problem early before progressive damage occurs.  Unexpected breakdowns also have other costs like towing and rental charges.  By acting on Preteckt’s predictions, unexpected breakdowns and their associated costs can be avoided.   


 Reliable Predictions

Avoid the noise and chaos caused by fault monitoring. With Preteckt’s machine learning algorithms and validation processes, get early detection on issues that is very accurate with low false positives.  


Generate cost savings and improve driver experience

Enlighten your maintenance team with the power of Preteckt.  Reduce maintenance costs by catching issues earlier and cheaper. Preteckt’s analytics and diagnostic guidance help improve your technician’s productivity.  Performing maintenance at the right time can extend the life of your vehicles, improve uptime and driver experience.  Preteckt generates cost savings in excess of $2700 per truck per year.


Generate Savings


Reduce Warranty Costs

Maintenance Teams

Become Proactive



Become Proactive and Improve Technician Productivity

Become more proactive with Maintenance.  Leverage Preteckt’s Platform to improve the commuter experience and generate cost savings.  Preteckt’s cloud platform provides your fleet maintenance operations with the insight to schedule work by detecting issues in advance.  Generate cost savings by catching issues before they progress to expensive repairs.  Preteckt generates cost savings in excess of $2700 per bus per year.


Improve Commuter Experience

School Buses

Prevent On-the-road breakdowns


Reduce Warranty Costs



Improve Uptime and Generate Savings

Improve uptime by leveraging Preteckt’s early detection and schedule repairs before your car breakdown on the road. With Preteckt’s prescriptive analytics, repairs are faster and less expensive. As autonomous driving capabilities increase, Preteckt’s platform provides an additional feedback loop with your maintenance operation to ensure timing maintenance


Reduce Warranty Costs


Improve Uptime


Generate Savings

Clients & Partners

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