AI-based Predictive Maintenance

How did a technician find this crystalized DEF? 
There were no fault codes (DTCs) on the bus.  The technician used Preteckt's prediction and repair plan.  Preteckt's platform leverages a couple of new innovations.
Artificial intelligence: allows technicians to easily find early signs of failure days/weeks before the failure occurs.
Big data storage and analytics: allows Preteckt to quickly analyze more than a million sensor values per bus every day.
Save over $2700 annually per bus
Unlike fault-code notification systems, Preteckt leverages raw sensor data, artificial intelligence, and expert guidance to prevent vehicle breakdowns. 
Fault-code notification systems are typically calibrated based on thresholds around specific sensor values. As such, they are prone to trigger false positives based on abnormal driving conditions (e.g. bus driving uphill on a hot day). 
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