Preteckt Welcomes New CEO

Preteckt Welcomes New CEO
Krish Inbarajan

Team, I am pleased to announce that our board of directors has appointed Krish Inbarajan the new CEO of Preteckt. With Preteckt entering a critical phase of growth, I wanted a seasoned leader at the helm of our rapidly expanding startup. By selecting a leader from outside the company, Preteckt will have an executive who can bring a fresh perspective and new energy to power Preteckt to new heights. We are truly lucky to have a leader with Krish’s pedigree of talent, vision, and experience. Krish has more than 15 years of experience in the connected vehicle and fleet space. He gained foundational experience through working with General Motors’ OnStar across multiple functions. Since OnStar, Krish has worked with the entire telematics ecosystem and with several key industry partners. That we were able to recruit Krish from his most recent role as Global Head of Connected Vehicles at Cisco Jasper speaks to the strength of what we have built.

In the coming weeks, I will be transitioning to the role of CTO and will focus my energy on maintaining our technological leadership in vehicle prognostics. Four years of intense R&D have perfectly positioned Preteckt to solve a significant problem for the entire transportation industry. With Krish leading our growth, our solution will help more people sooner and will define us as a trusted industry leader. Please join me in welcoming Krish to Preteckt. Ken Sills Ken Sills is the co-founder and CTO of Preteckt, a Memphis-based technology startup that uses machine learning to predict maintenance issues in vehicles weeks before they cause downtime.

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